“The Brian Wilson Orchestra” is a name I made up for an instrumental from Pet Sounds – it didn’t seem right to list it as The Beach Boys when there’s no singing. When I heard Brian play this song live I knew I had to work it into a mix. One listener said the words to “Trade winds” are too depressing. With that irresistible Philly groove I guess I didn’t notice! There’s some new Sound of Philadelphia too with a lush remix by King Britt.

Listen to this mix at Mixcloud.

1. Afterlife – Speck of gold
2. Lou Rawls – Trade winds
3. Moca – Too far out
4. A Man Called Adam with Chris Coco – Yachts
5. Roy Hargrove with Q-Tip and Erykah Badu – Poetry
6. The Brian Wilson Orchestra – Let’s go away for awhile
7. Fantastic Plastic Machine – Todos os desejos (King Britt mix)
8. Tosca – Me & Yoko Ono
9. Donald Byrd – Flight time
10. Feist – One evening
11. Crazy P – I think I like you
12. Marvin Gaye – After the dance
13. The Postal Service – Recycled air
14. dZihan & Kamien – Homebase
15. Federico Aubele – Contigo
16. Jaffa – Elevator