A live mix for a party. The main event was a performance by a belly dancer, so I was asked to work in some Middle Eastern vibes, exactly the kind of challenge I like! I couldn’t resist playing the Coldcut mix of “Paid in full”, a club favorite from the Eighties with an Ofra Haza sample. After hearing what Coldcut did to his track, Eric B. dismissed it as “girly disco”! (He probably felt differently about it when it got played all over the world.)

1. Natacha Atlas – Leysh Nat’arak
2. Maxwell – Get to know ya
3. Tosca – Orozco
4. Terry Hall and Mushtaq – The gathering storm
5. Bebel Gilberto – Winter
6. Lee Morgan – Ceora
7. Saint Etienne – Spring
8. Hisham Abbas – Intil Waheeda
9. Al Green – I’m still in love with you
10. Thievery Corporation – The Mirror Conspiracy
11. Bent – The waters deep
12. Ofra Haza – Horashoot
13. Everything But The Girl – The heart remains a child
14. Junior Boys – Like a child
15. Aretha Franklin – So swell when you’re well
16. k.d. lang – If I were you
17. Abdy – Galbi
18. Tosca – Annanas
19. Eric B. & Rakim – Paid in full (Coldcut mix)
20. Thievery Corporation – Samba tranquille
21. Herbie Hancock – Driftin’