Between Two Islands mixes are created by me, George Bradt. I’ve been fine-tuning the Between Two Islands sound since about 2000. When I’m putting together a live or recorded mix, I think about a mood rather than a specific style or genre. I play music from the 1950s to today, including jazz, electronic, latin, retro pop, indie, soul, downtempo, reggae, film music, trip-hop, bossa nova, and (best of all) unexpected hybrids of any of the above. The tracks are chosen for their rhythm, atmosphere, and surprise factor. You can listen to the music closely or you can leave it on in the background; it sounds good either way.

My mixes are hosted on Mixcloud, a site that offers streaming right in your browser as well as apps for various gadgets.

What’s up with the name?

“Between two islands” is the name of a b-side by Pet Shop Boys. I like the phrase because it has different meanings for different people. I did not choose it for the meaning contained in the song lyrics, in which the two islands are “the island of lovers and the island of whores”!

What happened to the radio station?

During 2010 I ran an internet radio station playing Between Two Islands music 24 hours a day. I shut it down in December, mostly because it was too much work. Although there are thousands of internet radio stations available, I believe there’s an opportunity for stations that offer a unique, carefully selected mix of music that is not tied to a specific style or genre. I may continue to explore that opportunity sometime in the future.

Where are you?

Just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

What’s your e-mail address?

hello [at] betweentwoislands [dot] com.